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Video of the Week: the Collection Plate

OR The economy bleeds of nonexistent paper, well now plastic in Canada. Its a time period of jobs taken, no money making.  It seems that in times of despair those diluted with the sanctity of tradition sweep themselves at the feet of their god/s and beg for something better.  It is a mystery that during events of happiness, prosperity, … Continue reading

Caravan Kids: Christian L’Enfant Roi SS12
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Caravan Kids: Christian L’Enfant Roi SS12

The bell tower shook me and glaring up at each intricate detail outside caused me to shudder underneath my pearls. By Thomas models guarding the entrance like relics of fine spring strings unable to move. Walking in, a spirit, not that of god, grabbed me away from the usual hatred I am tormented with in this haus … Continue reading