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Smm21: Dimitri Chris SS12

Run away, turn away.  The dock party ended off the second night of Semaine De Mode Montréal 21 with a simplistic American style making waves on the main stage at Dimitri Chris. Maybe I am bias and tend to gear away from the yankee prep style I grew up with and with Jesus sandals to boot(birks) i wasn’t the biggest … Continue reading

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Boaters & Freeloaders.

Mec Plus Ultra- Mouvement Last Saturday at Le Belmont, Mec Plus was stashed to the rim with testosterone, dance tracks, and a sprinkling of montreal fashionistas/os.  Spins by G.L.O.V.E.S hosted by designer Dimitri Chris with special guest dj Mary Hell.  Next MEC: August 20 FREEZEPOPS avec / with HUMAN LIFE. Continue reading

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SMM20 Haut Street Styles II

More Street looks from Montreal Fashion Week Dimitri Chris – Designer Melanie Brisson -Styliste Robyn-F514, Candice-Mtl in Fashion, Anik-Mtl in Style, and Patrick-Je Suis L’aristocrate  Bloggers taking over the fashion world. Maxime avec Moi Noelly- Miss Sly, Max, Eric- Aragon Couture Continue reading

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Dimitri Chris Spring Summer 2011

Dimitrichris Spring/Summer 2011 blew me away.  I’ve always seen myself more towards the london school boy look  but this collection makes me take a trip back to 1930s Milan and forces me to want to stay. I can’t wait for the cropped vests, and double breasted caplets.  The pink pinstriped, cut off shirts,short sleeved blazers … Continue reading