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Um yeah..we’re in Collingwood…BYEE

Collingwood,Ontario Wow i seriously thought i was walking onto Mt. Tremblant arriving at the village of Collingwood who over the time period became a mix of collywood,hollywood,cauldwell,coldwall… Sucha beautiful place with such welcoming beautiful people.  i do have to say alot of birthdays/engagements/bridal parties going on here.  The beach was epic filled with rock and slate aka … Continue reading

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Even Brighter than the Moon.

Toronto,On Does anyone else think its ridiculous that i was told i could not come into the venue as i was showing too much skin… i mean ive worn that Travis Taddeo hooded tank in Montreal without even a second guess, making me seem like some kind of male whore.  I was forced to bow down even … Continue reading

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Daytime Family : Nightime Ballers

|: Everywhere, Toronto 😐my first trip to Canada’s other fashion capital my first photo and she ends up being from Montreal.ha my second photo and theyre also from Montreal third…another montrealer in Tdot First Fierce Toronto Bitches of the Nite. I seek Britney in the Backround.. He was hilarious. Evan Rachel Momsen? Sweet Girl. Sweet … Continue reading