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Nuit Blanche, Matin de lit de Danse.

It was World War III, herding us into underground tunnels like a factory farming nightmare. Only there were no guns and bombs just roadies and moms.  As if the ball has dropped months too late.  Montreal out in droves for Nuit Blanche, our only time a year we get to booze it for all night … Continue reading

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2010 Video GaGa Awards

the Bad Girls of Pop   falling asleep during foreplay and now falling asleep getting dressed for award shows… anyone else think it was fucked that katy perry wasnt performing but her pillpoppin ex Travis  performed? and having chris brown perform after last year? Where was the bobby brown/K fed duet? ke$ha and the trash … Continue reading

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Before I leave, I $top and vomit up tequila and glitter.

Centre Bell neighbors to the left. Despite all the horrible reviews by some such as “The Gazette” I did not think the ke$ha show was that bad… what? Rhianna was there? What? It was her show? O…well i think the first 45min of the show were the best and despite much effort to tweet @keshasuxx … Continue reading

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Lack of Empathy for the City of Diversity.

I must say in the past years i have been more excited about pride than this year. maybe its because i overindulged at NYC pride? the influx in hate? laziness? or maybe its because there is a lude abundance of plans during these weeks including FM&D and of course the Ke$ha featuring Rihanna concert to look … Continue reading

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The Shammy’s

The 52nd Grammy Awards 2010 Always GaGa 24/7 Middle Jonas lookin real good..eldest might have put on some wedding bloat. but always classic and i still want everything in their closets. Imogean heap…what more can I say Meth in a handbag…drink much? damn jhudz! Loved Katy’s bag…hated her dress from the front. Snookie..nuff said. Probably … Continue reading