Body Language: Body of Horror
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Body Language: Body of Horror

The horror began early this year with the latest installment of Body Language: Body of Horror with cult defying sounds by Wilcox & Promise and Victor Bongiovanni. Though not many thought of getting their disguises out so early, body rising hosts SASS and Tristan Harris set the seance for a hell of a night! Liana Worshell-Makeup Artist … Continue reading

Leg Work: the RELAUNCH with G’Nee and Her Kings
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Leg Work: the RELAUNCH with G’Nee and Her Kings

We had woodstock, and disco. We had the punk movement, club kids and the ravers. Today we can’t figure out what we are. A steady collective of performance art, fashion, the glitz and glam reactive to a global recession. As a youth we stand strong as the apoc generation, the nu rulers of an increasingly … Continue reading

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Locked Inside Sand Dunes

“The beginning is always today.”  — Mary Shelley Tuesday’s Leg Work was more pompous than usual as Hosts SASS‘s Ashley Daw and Tristan Ginger Harris will be leaving on a jet plan and evolving on to new projects for fall, leaving the spots open for some new surprises to Leg Work as the leaves float … Continue reading

Gloucestershire Nightcrawlers
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Gloucestershire Nightcrawlers

The heels kicked and the chairs flipped at this Tuesday’s steamy LEGWORK! With the real streetwalkers crawling around to fresh tunes by resident disco studs Wilcox & Promise with Guest DJ Jonnybonnyrock  from Montreal queer party POMPe Thursdays bringing the electro glam vibes and falling for heartbreakdancing hosts SASS & Tristan! Join us next Tuesday … Continue reading

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Fromani Ancient Stars

This Urban Gypsy hitched a ride far and wide in between hyperspace caravans to commence with the other hooligans culting out in droves at last Tuesday’s LegWork!  Although the nite was cool, Bluedog heated up with bootylicious Djette Salivation Army,  alongside resident space studs Wilcox & Promise , setting the universe on fire with all … Continue reading

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Legwork and the Angry Inch: Fringe edition

“Don’t you know me Kansas City? I’m the new Berlin Wall. Try and tear me down!” –Hedwig & the Angry Inch  In honor of Montreal’s Fringe Festival Last Week’s LegWork was all about Hedwig & the Angry Inch. I arrived unfashionably late and missed what was amazing performances  and remixes performed by the acts star … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop Leg-Drop

 LegWork Tuesdays at BlueDog Motel Another Tuesday at Legwork the biggest crowd and the biggest dance off yet.  with special guest dj’s K-OS, Grand Theft, and residents Wilcox & Promise to keep the debauchery drinking all night long. and with new martini specials all summer long it was almost impossible to remember who I was … Continue reading

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Toothache Disco

    My sweet tooth and dance craving was well taken care of Tuesday night on the Main. Walkin in it was toasty, a nice off set to the cool breeze on the street. Indoor picnic tables lined the wall and little baggies of treats, no not those kinds, but actual candy! Appropiate as this … Continue reading