No. 3 Soiree du Mode
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No. 3 Soiree du Mode

I was late but that’s not anything new, I am always tardy to get places. Couldn’t function a wardrobe but ended up leaving the apartment with one hand painted black and two feet exhausted from the weeks day planner. We arrived gracefully in accidental matching tips dressed in midnight, mirrors and spikes reflecting off of … Continue reading

Cluc Couture Flash Mode SS12
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Cluc Couture Flash Mode SS12

Getting ready to interview Everyone who was expecting to see all their shows in the comfort of Marche Bonsecours black lined chairs and white runway may have been pleasantly surprised when messages bleeped on their smartphones the location of the Cluc Couture Spring\Summer 2012 show. In the model of a flash mode, which has seemed … Continue reading

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Fesitval Mode & Design: JPG

Day one of the Festival Mode & Design, the summer haven for fashion enthusiast alike and the only festival that is practically mandatory to attend.  This year montreal spoiled us rotten already showcasing The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and now showing … Continue reading

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SMM20 Haut Street Styles II

More Street looks from Montreal Fashion Week Dimitri Chris – Designer Melanie Brisson -Styliste Robyn-F514, Candice-Mtl in Fashion, Anik-Mtl in Style, and Patrick-Je Suis L’aristocrate  Bloggers taking over the fashion world. Maxime avec Moi Noelly- Miss Sly, Max, Eric- Aragon Couture Continue reading