IN and OUT: The Phrenology of Fashion
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IN and OUT: The Phrenology of Fashion

     A debate brews almost daily amongst peers on the frightening state of the fashions we frequent walking around the city streets. Mainly it pertains to uggs, le walmart, track pants,  or incessant repetetive themes easily traded out, a factory of gino bliss and disorderly elderly. Today a certain tweet came up demanding the instant … Continue reading

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The Interesting Pupils I Spot.

I love firemen. |: Downtown Saint Catherine:| The most normal gladiator triplets of the day. They came in second therefore I got a free show!1..2…3…4..short skirts and glitter, j’adore. Montreal firemen hate puppy mills and love their fans. This… fellow is getting married for the second time…i wish him best of luck again. I’m all … Continue reading