2011: The Trouble We’re In
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2011: The Trouble We’re In

A Year in Review. I will not bore you with the nostalgia and eye opening theories I have about what to do better in 2012…yet, but I will let you remember what you wore and of course what debauchery you may have got yourself into this past year. Enjoy the shit show! Fin. Continue reading

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Pride That: The Gays

 The only ¨traditional¨ Montreal Fierte Pride festivity I look forward to each year is the parade and the never ending dance party that occurs there after.Maybe its the publicly accepted copious amounts of day drinking.Maybe its that sweet sound of stilettos against the pavement like a herd of royal guards in drag.Or maybe its the … Continue reading

Pride/This: Lesbian Edition
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Pride/This: Lesbian Edition

Fierte Pride kicked off for me last friday  night and nowhere near the village. The Royal Phoenix hosted ★Pride This★, a homo party mainly for the girls. The first time I’ve seen a line up at the door and have been pummeled with beer :-), a severe lack of style (les-b-honest), and a huge welcoming … Continue reading

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Lack of Empathy for the City of Diversity.

I must say in the past years i have been more excited about pride than this year. maybe its because i overindulged at NYC pride? the influx in hate? laziness? or maybe its because there is a lude abundance of plans during these weeks including FM&D and of course the Ke$ha featuring Rihanna concert to look … Continue reading