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Locked Inside Sand Dunes

“The beginning is always today.”  — Mary Shelley Tuesday’s Leg Work was more pompous than usual as Hosts SASS‘s Ashley Daw and Tristan Ginger Harris will be leaving on a jet plan and evolving on to new projects for fall, leaving the spots open for some new surprises to Leg Work as the leaves float … Continue reading

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The Sport of Queens.

Saddle up and gather your big hats, unicorns, and acid tabs as we take an equestrial journey to the races. Place your bets, down the grain, and watch as boys in dresses and girls in stirrups strut up and down the track.  The dirty ponies came out to get hosed Saturday night for one of the … Continue reading

blue dog motel / Leg Work / legwork / SASS / the salivation army / tristan harris / wilcox and promise

Fromani Ancient Stars

This Urban Gypsy hitched a ride far and wide in between hyperspace caravans to commence with the other hooligans culting out in droves at last Tuesday’s LegWork!  Although the nite was cool, Bluedog heated up with bootylicious Djette Salivation Army,  alongside resident space studs Wilcox & Promise , setting the universe on fire with all … Continue reading