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Video of the Week: the Collection Plate


The economy bleeds of nonexistent paper, well now plastic in Canada. Its a time period of jobs taken, no money making. 
It seems that in times of despair those diluted with the sanctity of tradition sweep themselves at the feet of their god/s and beg for something better. 
It is a mystery that during events of happiness, prosperity, and light the world shines on oneself but when that smile is turned upside down we are a martyr for our forefather religious barrings.
It makes sense that in 2011 with every country in a state of protest, global markets plummeting, government transparency a hot issue, civil rights being silenced, and natural born rights murdered, that the bigotry of religious perversion can take over headlines and the minds of those less fortunate to have been educated otherwise. 
They will look upon this period decades from now as a crossroad between enlightenment and the nu dark ages. They will look upon the art we created and witness a religious calling inside music videos, the darkness of ancient mysticism and the daemons taking over fashion and mainstream as a new generation, one doomed to die in 2012 before it can even begin. 
Time will tell if we are actually born to die or if there will be no light at the end of the tunnel.
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Photo by Monsiieur Coms

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