the Real Street Walkers of Montreal.
Bring regular day creativity to the civilian masses.
Company Overview
Blog based on street style exhibitionist, city underground fashion, and Montreal arts and fashion scene.
From mainstream fashion to everyday street style to fashion shows to personal essays to my own ensembles to nightlife to rock shows to cocktails to personal events.
A product of a new glitz and glam generation. a generation of youth, of protest, of justice, of d.a.n.c.e. My life is to capture this everywhere I go.
Inspired by a lust for fashion, individual style, music, urban tract lines, vintage life and a passion for writing.
General Information
Its all about up in your face, personal style, swagger, stand out, eccentricity, personality, low-class glam, queer, vintage modernity and couture realness.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. My name is Michelle and i work in the PR department at SeCe Apparel. We’re updating our contact list and I would like to confirm your details. We are a big fan of Montreal Fashion Blog and would like to share all fashion related news with you. Kindly share an email adress and contact that i can sent relavent stories to. We look forward to having a relationship with you in 2012!  Thank you, michelle

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