SMM22 Trend: Facial Fashion
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SMM22 Trend: Facial Fashion

There were an enormous amount of accessories during this seasons Montreal Fashion Week, enough to fill one of Mariah Carey`s closets! Though my favorite partnered look was not worth that of gold, sterling, nor blood diamond but one you could make yourself. No not an arts and craft nightmare and no this is not a … Continue reading

SMM21: Anastasia Lomonova SS12
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SMM21: Anastasia Lomonova SS12

Montreal Fashion Week debutante Anastasia Lomonova had an impressive showing with timeless architecture, modern styling, and a focus on fine details creating a sophisticated and tranquil art piece.  I believe a showing worthy of NYFW with obvious international influence.  and such a sweet, personable, beautiful woman behind the designs. Interview from nudabite to come! Paule … Continue reading

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Smm21: Mulcair SS12

The wild child can seem tame amongst wild jungle cats. This year Mulcair presented their 2012 Spring\Summer collection in the cocktail lounge where we could get an up close and personal vision of the journey designer, Juliana Bennett, wants us to take.  Each stunning freshfaced model exuberant with youth fortelling private ships off capes and … Continue reading

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Drawing by Paule T.B. This beautiful duo(on and off the catwalk) may be untitled but they are very much with a name. These newcomers were one of my favorite showings this year at Sensation Mode Semaine De Mode 21. Modern silhouettes, great use of print, and come on, an S&M mummy returns vibe caught me. … Continue reading

Smm21 Trends: Heart on Fire
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Smm21 Trends: Heart on Fire

The passion for fashion has turned heads with way more than a pop of red at Semaine De Mode Montreal 21. Between designers collections, bloggers, party people, stylists, journalists, and models this bold statement will burn through to next years apocalypse. Red is Tuesday’s color. Red roses symbolize passionate love. Red is associated with fiery … Continue reading

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“Clothes should be simple but well thought. I love menswear for its tailoring qualities and womenswear, because it makes me dream. Great style happens when it really reflects who you are. “ -Duy Innovation. Simplicity. Structure. DUY this season really created a clean, fantastic nu mod collection. And although this season was influenced by the desert, the … Continue reading

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Smm21: Dimitri Chris SS12

Run away, turn away.  The dock party ended off the second night of Semaine De Mode Montréal 21 with a simplistic American style making waves on the main stage at Dimitri Chris. Maybe I am bias and tend to gear away from the yankee prep style I grew up with and with Jesus sandals to boot(birks) i wasn’t the biggest … Continue reading

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Montreal Fashion Week 20 Street Style IV

Rockstars Nuda from Nudabite,Music Sensation: Leila avec Jessica and Emma Return of the Urban Turban Farinotti Deborah-Salomé, and Gabrielle Lacasse of Montreal Fashion Bizvie Dj Mini and Nudo Marjorie –Marjorie’s Closet Gaelle- Blogger Fin. Candice and I  pleather to leather K-Rock and J-Nude Marie Saint Pierre after the show Bloody londoner Tamara of This Ilk  Imane and … Continue reading

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SMM20 Marie Saint Pierre F/W 2011

The return of one of Canada’s favorite designers and architecture is the card on the table for this autumn/winter 2011 collection.  Playing with shapes, fabrics and color Marie Saint Pierre creates towers of playful identities.  Balancing fluidity and lights that dance with each model.  J’adore the zippers, touch of brights, and the dresses that sync … Continue reading

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SMM20 Denis Gagnon A/W 2011

Its been a whole decade since his start and Denis Gagnon is still taking over street ready fashion.  With a solid denis like collection mixing zippers, leather, and fringe,  it was tantalizing to see bright spring/easter hues that punch you in the face; an underlying theme for the runways this year.  Its as if the … Continue reading

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Montreal Fashion Week 20 Street Styles III

Jess-Hairstylist/Bandmember/LGBT Activist  my cover girl  Marcia B- Bloggess avec Phillipe  Graphic Designer avec Daddy Maus himself: Gibran  Viktor- Photographer  Bloggesses: Audrwy and Lolitta Emma  Vlad-Blogger avec Leila-Recording Artist  Melanie – Styliste Sebastian- Photographiste Continue reading

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SMM20 Barila A/W 2011

Chic, sultry, with specs of edge this is a cohesive collection. A gem to have showing at montreal fashion week is a animal product free environment with amazing colorful faux furs and pleathers! A ending off a bit old fashioned for me but i could see many staple pieces falling in to autumn with comfortable … Continue reading

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SMM20 Haut Street Styles II

More Street looks from Montreal Fashion Week Dimitri Chris – Designer Melanie Brisson -Styliste Robyn-F514, Candice-Mtl in Fashion, Anik-Mtl in Style, and Patrick-Je Suis L’aristocrate  Bloggers taking over the fashion world. Maxime avec Moi Noelly- Miss Sly, Max, Eric- Aragon Couture Continue reading

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SMM20 ENVERS by Yves Jean Lacasse A/W 2011

The Yves Jean Lacasse haus has created a storybook folklore in his mind that we’re all invited to partake. A song of an old spanish kingdom with women donned in glossy gowns, head pieces, and superb choices in colors.  Men in draped coats, big hats, and a very zorro like facade and ready to rescue … Continue reading

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SMM20 Samuel Dong A/W 2011

A show filled with overlaying big patterns and shapes. Not over the top and not too showy but not necessarily in a good way.  Some patterns old fashioned. Some of the floral jackets reminded me of a Stella McCartney number. Silver metallics were pleasant yet safe but would love to see different versions of the … Continue reading

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SMM20 !NU.| A/W 2011

True to the “Poise & Power” theme this collection is young, hip, comfortable with many pieces brought from work to the party. Very retro 70s vibe with the metallics, burnt warm hues, and patterns. Hooded detailing, brights, and the playfulness between the masculine and feminine pieces for a modern super woman. Continue reading

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SMM20 Melissa Nepton 2011

Best described by the designer as “ice queen meets boho chic”, This collection was true to the La Collection finalist’s aesthetic with lurious chunky knits in basic blacks, beiges, greys, and off whites.  Paired with structured shoulders, monochrome leggings and an overall comfortable free flowing attitude. world could have done with out the fur head … Continue reading

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SMM 20 Haut Street Styles

Nico of So You Think You Can Dance Canada  Jessica of JSI by Jessica avec Eric of Aragon Couture  Melissa of the Montreal World Vegan Day Fashion Show & Le Vegan En Rose Bakery Farinotti Deborah-Salome of Montreal Fashion Bizvie Marjorie -PR P&G Beauty Tamara –Blogger, Ashley- Writer/Editor Spencer of ProprPostur and Patrick of Laristocrate … Continue reading

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SMM20 CLUC Couture

And what if the Mayans are right, then what would the world be like for those lucky enough to cling to Darwin in faith? Cluc Couture shook the ground in a post-apocalyptic show sure to be ringing industry heads across the globe. An androgynous world where everyone is prepared for anything, whilst look out for … Continue reading