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Boaters & Freeloaders.

Mec Plus Ultra- Mouvement Last Saturday at Le Belmont, Mec Plus was stashed to the rim with testosterone, dance tracks, and a sprinkling of montreal fashionistas/os.  Spins by G.L.O.V.E.S hosted by designer Dimitri Chris with special guest dj Mary Hell.  Next MEC: August 20 FREEZEPOPS avec / with HUMAN LIFE. Continue reading

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Rico the Zombie Presents: The Mad Macabre Torture Carnival

warning: not for the faint hearted…continue at your own wicked fashion curiosity… I can’t tell what year it is but I know the world is ending and the underworld is uprising.  Welcome to hell but you still have to pay for your drinks. The passing serial killers, monsters, and those begging to be the next … Continue reading