Caught Up In Yourself: a tribute to the ‘onesie’
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Caught Up In Yourself: a tribute to the ‘onesie’

For weeks I have been a sleeping beauty yet the fairy tale never existed. In a blanket of fatigued creativity and drive to blog. Maybe the perpetual day to day flight from coffee to coffee, in and out of bar doors, and dreamy sleepless nights. Or maybe its the traditional family oriented hellidays on the rise getting me down, a … Continue reading

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Royal Meat Market

Friday night was the grand opening of new night | MEAT MARKET | at the Royal Phoenix, and just in the swing of Diver/cite! (don’t worry vegans the meat was the dance floors queer bait.) The night was sponsored by Canadian designer Travis Taddeo with free fashion giveaway before twelve with Spinsters Azymut and Kyle … Continue reading

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Even Brighter than the Moon.

Toronto,On Does anyone else think its ridiculous that i was told i could not come into the venue as i was showing too much skin… i mean ive worn that Travis Taddeo hooded tank in Montreal without even a second guess, making me seem like some kind of male whore.  I was forced to bow down even … Continue reading