No. 3 Soiree du Mode
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No. 3 Soiree du Mode

I was late but that’s not anything new, I am always tardy to get places. Couldn’t function a wardrobe but ended up leaving the apartment with one hand painted black and two feet exhausted from the weeks day planner. We arrived gracefully in accidental matching tips dressed in midnight, mirrors and spikes reflecting off of … Continue reading

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SMM21 Street Style II

Jess of Nudabite with Candice of Montreal In Fashion Paule T.B. the illustration goddess of SMM21 Loved this hitchcockian crow print!! Kristina of K Rock Nation Nudabite interviewing Anastasia Lomonova Designer Celiaczerlinski Fashion Chatter Spencer of proprpostur with Naomi official bloggess of SMM21 Gabrielle Lacasse of Dentelle&Fleurs with Farinotti Deborah Salome-Journalist Robyn looking flawless of … Continue reading