2011: The Trouble We’re In
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2011: The Trouble We’re In

A Year in Review. I will not bore you with the nostalgia and eye opening theories I have about what to do better in 2012…yet, but I will let you remember what you wore and of course what debauchery you may have got yourself into this past year. Enjoy the shit show! Fin. Continue reading

Queers Pump This/Leacock Mag. Launch
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Queers Pump This/Leacock Mag. Launch

“Rough Diamond Collective, Montreal’s premier queer rap triumvirate, joins forces with Royal Phoenix to bring you the best hip-hop night in the city.  QUEERS PUMP THIS will blast open Montreal’s void of stagnant hip hop nights, featuring not only chart-topping rap but also regional dance styles like bounce, juke, jerk, and hyphy. QUEERS PUMP THIS … Continue reading

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Le Harlot Collective

and the assault of Victoria. The unicorns came out to rough up the city in a quandary.  Shopping the streets like lit up windows.  Basking in silver carts our only way to get from bar fab to bar tab.  Lurk on the madness from the royal phoenix to the torn curtain to the bedsheets, still … Continue reading

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Night of a Thousand Weaves.

Like the queen of thieves we stole the night.  Another Saturdays mission took us to the Torn Curtain, a venue after my own heart.  The vibe is ultra chill but you can still dance your ass off or pose with foreign objects.  A beer and wine joint so get yo own liqua!      A.D.D. and … Continue reading