montreal street fashion

Christian L’Enfant Roi S/S14


Imagine that limbo of a storm, that peacefulness of recent tragedy that rocks the earth with natures force. That ech of sadness and the beginning of hope like the resin of the french quarter or the rocking movements of structures at coney island; mystified photos as if abandoned for centuries. That split moment as if everything was as it was left, a fragrant in time, frozen; the paste of a clowns face dripping on jest. That’s what it felt like walking into the Christian L’Enfant Roi SS14 presentation.

Back from overseas CLR has once again taken root in Montreal, much to our pleasure and excitement. It was unfortunate to think I would no longer be accessible to one of the most creative and promising mens wear designers in the city. Taken place at Bain Mathieu the setting was eerie like an asylum with the slutty comforts of a bath house. Walking in the first thing I noticed may have been the bar but that’s a different post,but really it was the vacuum sealed installations just at the entrance. Wide silhouettes, in rustic hues of ‘burned tobacco,dusty orange, yellow maize, antique patina, and robin egg blue’. A true spirited man, a traveling gypsy still choking back a cigarette in a gritty alleyway, a caravan but the seats are leather. The installation( by Alex Hercule) projecting and playing with shadows was an intelligent construction to shadow its own parallel nod to the recent Treyvon Martin case.

Minimalist for a man who has no fear of unusual prints, oversized, with tailored pieces. A tranquil experience but not a bore, a fine return to the island with a suit I can’t wait to get my hands on and those hats were so incredibly cute. Also a stand out, although I may b biased, were the tarot card shirt designs by Karen Segall tying in the overall theme. A pleasurable experience that keep me begging for more.

Photos: Tristan Harris

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