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Pedram Karimi: Fusion Line

DarkStar323 (1 of 1)

Back at Semaine de Mode for his fusion line, “PEDRAM”, Pedram Karimi never disappoints with his fusion of minimalism, structure, and fluidity. Warming up with an opening video directed by Andy Long Hoang, who just collaborated with our latest MEWS by DYDH with his own T-shirt design line, WRKDEPT, last years moon walkers turned into this years future spacial desert crawlers. Continuing to push the boundaries of gender and body shape with crop tops, cut out sleeves, oversized shorts, man dresses and voluminous garments to perpetuate a new generation of new worlders without a consciousness of what a gender is cueing into the growing nonchalance of generation Y and predecessors. The beloved neutrals were still here with garments in white, beige, black, and grey but a new color palette emerged with hues of cream pink and mint. This time around we lost the buffalos and opted for shoes more likely to be seen chasing buffalos in collaboration with Hikis Hikis, a duo from Mexico and accessorizing with STUTTERglitch project all styled by Tinashe Musara. One of the best designers of the season and the most likely candidate to emerge as one of millenials most promising international designers. Can’t wait to see what planet we end up on next.

Photos: Tristan Harris for Montreal Street Fashion
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