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SMM25 StreetStyle

I was shocked by lack of innovative fashion and stand out street style by the attendees of #SMM25. Usually its an abundance of exciting looks and its all about picking the best ones, the ones that really raise your blood pressure, or the ones you stumble on after a few glasses of champagne. This time around it seems like the queers brought the goods with real raw creativity that stood out amongst the stonewashed denim, sweaters, and boring suits. But I guess to me Montreal is better known for its underground street aesthetics and queer culture on the pulse than its high fashion partner.

Here is what we found with all photos by @TristanGinger for Montreal Street Fashion!

1003382_10150323824974960_219836137_n 1006364_10150323824994960_431092028_n 1174838_10150323824864960_74396343_n 1184892_10150324302204960_12834103_n 1184979_10150324291509960_1139754780_n 1185731_10150323824854960_600220200_n 1186046_10150324291844960_1891037252_n 1234100_10150323824089960_103615030_n 1234355_10150324291734960_1965628824_n 1234575_10150324302049960_2086471256_n 1236218_10150323825074960_674438687_n 1236219_10150323824859960_1979445326_n 1236376_10150324302319960_835705259_n 1236537_10150324291929960_359001882_n 1237677_10150324291504960_1372198737_n 1240000_10150323825064960_536661253_n

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