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First You Get The Sugar @ Divian Orange


Seems like only a month ago I was chucking back beers on a date with my city engaging in its local music scene as I watched and wrote about First You Get The Sugar with Bazarian ( Then, Armen Bazarian). Now a year later I went back to Divian Orange for another one of Sugars shows, this time not by myself and with some other stylish lickin bands.

Cheap Thrills,a UK pop rock band was also playing that night. Branding was def part of their message with a cool indie rock swagger bringing cohesion amongst the group. Not a completely new sound but a nostalgic one, bringing old school vibes. Topped with a naval cap, the captain to a captivated dance rock audience. An anthem to a small arena’d youth.

First You Get The Sugar has really taken things up a notch since first seeing them in 2011? Their rise has brought them to NYC, MTV, NXNE, POP Montreal and Indie Week Toronto to only name a few. Progressing their classic rock and blues funk to a more garage dance party with experimental synesthesia on the coast of some island filled with clean-cut beardos and head banging west coast grungers tapping toes unsure if they should break out in full swing. I, of course, indulged n front row self-love, not that is uncommon for the boy who jives on the metro. With riffs that take you up mountains and down canyons I am eager to see how sweetly FYGTS grows.

Check out photos from the night below!







All Photos by Bobby León for Montreal Street Fashion.

Bobby is amazing and everyone needs to check out the newest work: Noia Magazine!

Photos from the first time I saw FYGTS HERE!


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