montreal street fashion

Second Floor: Pré-σuvєrturє Offícíєllє to Official Opening


Theres a new sick and twisted place in town and its re-opening this Friday feb 1rst. you may have hit up the pre-opening a few week ago. It was jam-packed with a mixed crowd of straight, queer, stylish, lack there of, and hot messes.Well the Second Floor is back with a new name, a few changes, and a new but similar openness and very sexy crowd.

Thrusted on the second floor of an erotic dance club I knew immediately I would get along just fine at the venue, although at first confused if i was at the right place, the new name spells it all out for you. I was even more excited when I was surrounded by a dance floor filled with huge mirrors and a stripper pole. Now that is how you get to my heart!

The walls a black canvas for all of the chalkwork that must have taken ages or at least a good party with booze properly supplied. Julia Daigle and Mireille R. Champagne really have something on their hands with new parties in the works supporting a diverse community from queer events, mile end artistry, all of us fringe freaks, and still not scare away the likes of a mainstream community.

Check out some shots from the pre-opening below by Exquisite Corpse‘ Tristan Harris and maybe I will see you all tonight on the pole with sick beats spun by DJ Zarfan!




Bar Second Floor

5169 Avenue du Parc,

Montréal H2V 4G4



Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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