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A DYDH Productions Birthday


A year and a half ago a friend and I were introduced to do business together which started a faux glamorous few months of dancing one night a week for a living. but we saw more. One year ago we started off on an adventure with a goal to bring together young, new local artists and talents to form things, nights, days, a collaborative niche. Thus, Dina Habib and I created DYDH Productions.

A fashion production company specializing in fashion oriented events/parties, styling, photo shoots, and branding. This little idea birthed a baby, a monthly mode, arts, and design event;Mews. It has thrusted us into a world of collaborations, and on to the Festival mode & Design Montreal stage.  559120_315049258592126_1396363811_n

Today, is in fact our anniversary, our birthday.

It’s also my half birthday but who counts those anymore. A year ago today we ventured into our first Mews night, a pre-launch featuring designs by Sugaristik and Masabni and year-long collaborator Miss Cocotte. How time flies, when just that day I was donning bright red marigold denims and this January the only color bled was grey or a my little pony hair piece. How just one year ago we joined the Royal Phoenix and immersed our lives into making our fashion wet dreams come true.


Now its time to party, to celebrate in true DYDH style.

My Dear Blog Readers, I cordially invite you to join us Saturday January 19th, 2013 to the DYDH ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Doors will open at 11pm and the dark dirty fashion begins!

Sets by our zarmazing resident DJ, Zarfan who also made our flyer, and will be highly engaging you with his illuminaughty visuals.

Late set by underground queerlectro king JNNBNNRCK(PoMPE/Cirque de Boudoir).

More video work from Nudabite, and Bobby Leon, who will also be our LIVE photo shoot photographer styled by Yours truly and Dina.

A LIVE performance by Montreal soulpop recording artist Wiz Kilo!


I told you whats going on but you never know whats going to happen with Die Young Die Happy Productions!

Click HERE for information on the event!


Special Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon Canada!
#pabstcanada #pabst #pbr

DYDH Productions

Twitter/Instagram: @dydhproductions



Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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