montreal street fashion

VFranz Spring Summer 2013

Bold was the bed of the night, set in urban china town just a throw from me, which is great for someone always in a rush. In all black donning a coffin-shaped paddle and a sense of eagerment to see the SS13 collection from DYDH Productions` Mews alumni, VFranz. Up the escalators |Insert Foreshadow| past the pop up shop, the bar, and DJ booth was a huge low lofty space bordered by eager media, buyers, friends, and fashionistos.

Now we have seen beautiful draping mixed with chains, a bit of leather play, and my favorite sheer and destroyed pieces but word is we were in store for much more from the Lasalle student who has not yet graduated thus proving you do not need your degree to begin your dream.

The music began with flavour as PR stud Dom of D-Construct announced our seats, heels and platforms scurrying with their drinks to their designated seats. One by One the designs made their way down the escalator right onto the runway space, around pillars, in a vast rectangular motion, a boxed path not unlike the geometric designs donned on many of the garments. The 1980s influence was there but not screamed in a scary satirical of loud colors and loud patterns, Flowy garments and silhouettes interpreted shapes as the air carries the fabric. Featured mens/unisex pieces with detailed cutouts and shapes. Oceanic hues, neutral greys and textured blacks. Signature back plunging gowns mixed with fitted caps. Hip Hop beats contrasted the mysticism crossing over to less daring fashion slaves.Favorite pieces are everything in black, over the shoulders skin barring vest, grey robe with turquoise graphic, grey flowy top, finale gown, white cutout vest, plunging backs, straight jacketed sleeveless piece.

I am so proud and excited for this moment as someone who loves to wear the brand and share with the world his magik. The future is huge for VFranz with many a watchful eye and many a standing ovation creating quite the buzz. A cult as well as mass market appeal, edgy, and something we have not seen in this city for a while. A truly relatable experience, wonderful production. Keep an eye out for VFranzites taking over this city’s soul soon.


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