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SocialGrapes: Lab No9

Social Media seems to link our world making the vast oceans seem right next door. It has opened new markets, changed old one, and replaced the ideal of personal communication. SocialGrapes has taking both approaches mixing social events with online technology. Social Grapes uses its Iphone and online App to let we the people rate our own wines and share it with the world. A network of Amy Winos , Connoisseurs, and future AA candidates can bypass critics and really figure out what is new, trending, and what actually taste good. I joined Social Grapes Montreal for their Lab No. 9, a wine tasting event where we had six mystery wines from North American places like Oregon, California, Ontario. A wine, cheese, and cold meats gathering or for me, the vegan, salad, olives, and an array of breads with a helping of socially graping. Check out some of the face flushing and Tuesday night style below and visit your iStore for the application or visit their website.

For you local Montrealers visit their local group for the next SocialGrapes Lab!

On Site Blogger: Jess Nuda of Nudabite in Tavan & Mitto

Community leader of Social Grapes Genevieve enjoying the lab with Lady Nuda

On Site Blogger: the sassy Sarah of Versass

Blogger and PR Star: Dom of D-Construct

Dina of DYDH Productions and PINK28

Results from Tuesday Night


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