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SMM23: DUY Bright, Iris Fight

Enjoy my last of a series of runway posts from Semaine de Mode 23!

Below are from two designers who made an impact on my mind during fashion week. One for their innovative and refreshing designs and the latter for its controversial depiction on the catwalk that had not seen enough mention.



The aquatic warriesses came out to play at DUY’s Spring Summer 13 collection. Blazers, Gowns, Knit, and Denim! A breath of fresh air with soothing tones of mint, sky blue,grey, and gold, drawing a huge smile on my face that would not give. Red gown with cut out sleeves, crotchet tops the entrapment of this oceanic atmosphere. Stayed true to his exquisite tailoring, and sophistication yet fusing with a youthful, fun, vibrant modern-day woman or man of all ages.

The waves crashed as flowy dresses sprouted under tailored jackets. Like waters songbirds marching down the runway trapped in nets, in hues of golden sun-kissed sand.  Mirroring an exotic getaway or distressed coloured look for the office although most workplaces might require pants though if not I would like an interview.

Enjoy the DUYbots below with photos by SAVON, the shows styling by Cary Tauben who walked the DUY catwalk last season.


Iris Setlakwe

This was a very marketable beautiful business casual collection. I could see many of the gowns going to an after work event.Very flattering fits, showing off beautiful curves. The highlight of course was the use of the fringed hair making a Fozzy the Bear sand dune deity that seemed taken off the days prior magic showcased by Anastasia Lomonova. Catching on the next trends or an artist’s influence?

Left: Anastasia Lomonova Right: Iris Setlakwe

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