montreal street fashion

SMM23: Los Looks

Day One:

Robe: H&M

Necklace: Miss Cocotte

Rings: Masonic and Vintage

Bracelet: Miss Cocotte

Boots: Doc Martens

Day Two

Shirt: Liz Familiar

Uncensored Band: Bettie Baker Designs

Earring: Eva B

Ring & Collier: Miss Cocotte

Makeup trend also spotted at Anastasia Lomonova and Pedram Karimi

Day Three

Robe Turned Shirt: V-Franz

Shorts: Simons

Necklace: Miss Cocotte

Hand piece: Miss Cocotte


Thank you to all of the designers who helped me work it the only way Danik can!

Thank you VFranz, Liz De Silva, Jossee, Nuda,Kenny and Tristan.


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