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SMM23: Failed Floral to School’s In at the Resort

I was very excited to attend the first day of Montreal fashion week and not only because it is the start of non stop networking, photos, shows, street style and of course champagne but because of the line up that was in store to kick off the Montreal Spring Summer 2013 collections. Narrowing down into fall we all cant wait to glimpse what trends and shapes will be in store for us next season. Although with a strong veteran lineup and one solid newbie the fashion did not quite stack up.

Melissa Nepton came out to the resort continuing the sheer see through trends with transparent anything from jumpers, to dresses, to belted numbers. There were floral that were not the best but the stripes made up for it. And no I am not talking about the two striped sides tha were also present in Denis Gagnon a la Adidas which rubs me the athletically the wrong way. The horizontal stripes made this collection especially in white with the striped pant with plunging V-neck and the complete line of sheer stripes were my favorites while items like the desert pastel pants a big let down but the introduction of melon brings a soothing southwest vibe. Interesting Grecian kimono silhouettes which seemed to infuse its asian roots into a lot of SS13collections.

Martin Lim veteran designer who has passed through the runways of SMM for a while now. There were a lot of very Lim-esque duel colored pieces with my favorite being the black and white long gown. Other favorites consisted of asymmetrical angled dresses with pink flapped moto jackets also in a bright turquoise. Long sheer floor length blouses, unfortunately there were too many sellable basic dresses without much detail the blue hues were quite sad, the floral lacked any pop especially in panels while the obscenely large flower dresses failed to bring a freshness the collection so needed.

Tavan & Mitto was an excited fail with such a strong Fall collection I was eagerly disappointed at their Spring show. The colors in odd jeweled tons of bright green, purple, white, and greys did not seem forward and almost dated the contemporary pieces. The metallic were kind of cool especially as separates or in the short party dress look. I also enjoyed the purple jumper, the white party dress with collar, the grey lace sweater, green sheer top and the white jumper. Sell-able yet not exciting.

Now my style has changed away from many preppy undertones in the recent past/present but I was born in Connecticut and those origins sneak in from time to time. By Thomas brought a resort cool to their preppy Spring Summer Collection without the stuffiness of the Hampton’s. Styled with amazing clear plastic totes,  backpacks, and patterned shorts, playing with architecture and a cool 1970s palette. Creamy Pastels and corals adding to the immense amount of powdery sky blue that rang cheerfully through many Semaine de Mode 23 SS13 collections. Though not to fond of the cropped halter and pants, the tailoring throughout was splendid.

Photo: Danik Yopp

All Photos Courtesy of Nudabite, Otherwise noted!


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