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Montreal Fashion Week Pre-Tox

It’s that time of year again!

No, I am not talking about hiding away my short shorts or drafting a series of sweater looks you are going to try for the season. Its Montreal Fashion Week and the celebration is all sunshine with the unveiling of top local designers’ Spring/Summer 13 collections.


It has been years since my first attendance so now it becomes a routine, equipped with the full pre-tox. The routine has been shook up this year with Semaine de Mode now housing this years event at a new location along Griffintown shores; the Arsenal. A fantastic step towards the evolution of SMM as the former ship yard’s venue is the perfect gift for artistic expression and larger than Marche Bonsecours.


There are some new names and some veterans that I cannot wait to enjoy. Denis Gagnon, a revolutionary designer who always promises a play on gender, and manipulations of fabrics. Influenced by and Denis protegé’s UNTTLD have been hard at work at the Festival Mode & Design, creating with the Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, never fail to please and trendscend the newest generation of fashionistos.

Also looking forward to see Anastasia Lomonova, Tavan & Mitto, Martin Lim, Hip & Bone, By Thomas and DUY( who genderbended the show last season).


But the show I am most ecstatic to see is the collection of Montreal’s newest and brightest talent, Telio 2nd prize winner and Mews alumni, Pedram Karimi!

 As Pedram began his first collection earlier this year this first Montreal Fashion Week showing will be a continuation of a line I cannot get enough of. The androgyny and minimalism are quite beautiful and the lines and shapes create a story without shouting in your ear.

Mews models in Pedram Karimi

Unfortunately, my pre-tox has been put in hyper speed as it seems I have become sick, losing my voice on Sunday on my way to karaoke ironically and has turned into an annoying cocktail of ginger lemon tea, soup, and lots and lots of Tylenol. I will get my rest and pray the germs away as I try on the wonderful gems I will be wearing with local Montreal pride this week.  Though I am sure that will not stop me from joining on the boozing, schmoozing, and taking in all the montrealistic street fashions. Keep coming back for updates on my journey through SMM23 alongside fashion media crime crew from DYDH, Four Horns, and Nudabite and see if I end up wearing pants!

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