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DYDH at FMDM | MSF at Diver/Cite

Today is the big day! I will embark on one of the biggest productions of my life/career thus far! With Dina Habib, my partner in grime, and my other half of DYDH Productions will be producing a LGBTQ fashion show at the Festival Mode & Design.

This is a first for the festival which draws over 500,000 visitors. On the stage of Place Ville Marie the scene selecte stage we will showcase Montreal’s local new crop of designers a la Mews, with DYDH resident DJ, Zarfan.

Flyer: Anjela Freya

The performance will be based on our individual styles as well as influence from the modern queer culture which is the fluidity between masculine and femine gender norms and rethinking who may wear a piece. It is an honor to be apart of the growing talent we will be surrounded with during the festival and humbled by the growth DYDH has made in only 9 face paced months!

Come see the rising artistic minds of this electric-city with designs by home based V-Franz Designs, Bettie Baker Designs, Miss Cocotte, Jeff Alarie, Pedram Karimi, Rose & Ruby, Liz Familiar, Moeen Anwar, Badsville, Daing Tang.

Also, check out the DYDH LGBTQ Model Contest winners strut their crowd winning skills and clear energetic individuality now as models in the #FMDM12.

Their Official After Party: Gay Bash at the Royal Phoenix, Oh My!

From there on after the King sings during the Glamily’s hot and bothered stage presence our crew from the Festival Mode & Design show will be having our official after party at Bain Douche for Drama Queen. That’s right DYDH will be joining the Friday night Queens as we kick off the men’s heels and girly flats for the glamourous trash luxe homo haunt, back after too much time gone! You can also check them out Sunday night…but DYDH wont be present…I dont think…

Welcome to one of the Queerest Nights of Your Life!

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