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Rough Diamond Collective Presents: Mykki Blanco & Hua Li

It is no mistake that queer culture has taken over this city in recent years with bars, events, parties, and businesses taking their `roots`out of the village and sack into the city`s core areas. The world is evolving and no longer can the LGBTQ community be pushed into our underground cave. Take a look around the world and were seeing major dysfunction in the mainstream plans as artists create new boundaries to break. It seems these days after armed forces, governments, and religious collapse the only phobic community left was the hip hop streets, until now.  Although gay rappers and gender bending urban acts have been around for decades and living underground in local ball culture mainstream is ready to be forced down, strapped on, and sucked dry. Queer rappers are coming out of the bureau with the likes of Frank ocean, Azealia Banks, Zebra Katz , Cazwell, Kanye…oh wait.

Seems not all to  surprising many are sparking out on the NYC streets as the island has always been known for writing its own rules and its Fuck You underground. Now another transplants is putting their finger up with heels, a wig, and balls fo steel. Mykki Blanco  of  Queens has been tracking up the lights for years now with their brand of queer gangster punk creative sound. Spitting dirtier than mainstream open-minded queens, that’s you Minaj.

Her special remedy of cosmic angel mutant punk industrial rap has been making NYC underground bleed and Last friday Mykki came to the 514 and shattered the windows of our own queer home at the Royal Phoenix. I was there to capture the madness as Blanco abducted our souls and transported us to a ballroom bliss hosted by Biggie and Manson ( Charles & Marilyn).  The place was sardined into a sweaty euphorial mess of fanatics, locals, and the chains, glitter and paint. Hosted by Rough Diamond Collective and Queers Pump This, I had the pleasure of snapping all the mayhem as Mews Resident DJ, Zarfan, man handled the door.

Another major addition was the opening act, Hua Li, Also known as Mews V performer, Peggy Hogan. A local Montreal artists whos soothing, urban, jazz, electronic sound has captured me from the start and whos personal style marks an impression. Her Album Release Party will be on Aug 10th with other Mews collaborators Citizen Vintage and opening act Solsken aka Anjela Freya.

Don`t miss out on another amazing set and free booze and we ALL know how much Danik loves him some free booze.

Enjoy all the photos from Fridays night`s hard hitting party!


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