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Jeff Alarie ETE12 Soiree

Jeff Alarie is one of the hottest jewelery designers on the rise.

Mixing the cool chill aesthetic of first nations evolving into complete hippiedom and the dark side of things infusing his rock & roll edge. As edgy as each piece is you there is always a sense of ethereal naturalism.

With DYDH Productions, I had to chance to style the Jeff Alarie Summer 2012 collection for a designer sale right up my alleyway. From his office on St. Denis, the space was transformed into an art space filled with his sculptures, paintings and of course in the light all of his works of jewelry modeled by Tristan Harris and Dominique Lawrence who also modeled Alarie`s art for our Mews Event at the Royal Phoenix Bar.

The night was filled with energy with beats by bad ass indie-elektro dance king JNNBNNRCK (PompE, TRAN5FORMATEUR, etc) and a bar to keep us buzzing.

Merci Jeff for the opportunity!

Enjoy the works and my styling below!

2 thoughts on “Jeff Alarie ETE12 Soiree

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