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You might remember him from MEWS IV and this weekend, painter, sculptor and designer Jeff Alarie is having a sale!

In collaboration with DYDH Productions tomorrow evening will be a soiree event of dance heaving jewelry perfection with looks styled by Moi, Danik Yopp and electric beats by Indie-Elektro Queenpin JNNBNNRCK!

Jeff Alarie launched in Fall 2010 with his first collection by mixing “secular processes”, natural materials, infused by the energy of the First Nations without lacking sub-culture modernity.

“The Jeff Alarie collection jewelry provides spiritual and urban women the chance to bring nature to the city.Furthermore, wherever these jewels are made is environmental, humans and aliens friendly.”


Lancement amical dans l’atelier

*Venez profiter des réductions de 50 % sur toute la collection d’été 2012

*60 % sur la collection Automne 2011

Ainsi que prendre un verre en bonne compagnie.

Bienvenue a tous .

EVENT INFO on Facebook

Photos: Olivier Boivin-Carrier


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