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Lipster Karaoke Sundays

If you’re a karaoke addict or just like to make Sundays your fundays than every Sunday at the Royal Phoenix is for you.

 The best karaoke night in the city brought to you by Lipster! Karaoke hosted by Glam Gam founders Michael J McCarthy and Julie Paquet.

From top 40 pop hits, old rock & roll to Nu Indie the list goes on and on with a song and an energetic crowd for everyone!

Poutine & Pabst special: $10 (Incl Veggie poutine options!)
Pabst tallboy: $4
Royal Shooters: 5 for 10$

Enjoy my shots from the last Lipster I attended singing something probably from the likes of James Douglas Morrison and Katy Perry and hope to see you at the next one this Sunday!

And don’t forget to check out Glam Gam at this years Fringe Festival for their performance of If Looks Can Kill…They Will!!

Friday June 8th: 22h00
Saturday June 9th: 22h00
Wednesday June 13th: 20h00
Thursday June 14th: 20h00
Friday June 15th: 22h00
Saturday June 16th 22h0

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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