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Stuck In the Closet:Le Fashion Blues

Cloudy days, hours of back and fourth between rain showers and flights indoors. 
Glaring up at your closet mocking you, taunting a challenge inside its depths.
 Drawers and shelves, paces and hangers to angers. 
The days become too easy and the nights a  decrepit mess, the room spins in piles, racks filing down to bare empty skeleton. 
Off to work your look a routine each piece replaceable a doll without wood or magnets. 
Off to party your inspiration falls flat around you hurrying to find the things that “always look good” a recreation of a similar aesthetic. 
You almost want to rip apart your bed sheets, roll it into a cape and fly up into where the Krakens play and let Stacey London and the lichens do their job.
Romping around the apartment changing the song, your hair, the cat in your arms blocking any view of the ticking clock. 
The mirror a caricature of whats in mind yet pieces fall flat, an iron fist of uniformity.
Throw back another drink, it wont help you but let it settle, a hijab for the colonial settlers, it’s someone else’s time to shine?
Eternal rebel what shall I do?
out of season, in season, the weather too cold.
Basket case, suitcase, the sweater too old.
Reinvent, readjust, or do I say shuck it?
Big boots, big hair, or should i just fuck it?
How does one take a wardrobe you’ve become so use to, or a lack of inspiration turn into magik? 
How do you get over the fashion blues and excite back into the world glowing re-imagining in new ways?
And what about at work within the confounds of a capitalistic machine?
I trolled around and tried to find the secret, begging for some insight, a new tactic, a spark of new strategics and thus here is what we found:

“When I can’t figure out what to wear I go to a “go to outfit” which is an outfit I previously wore and know looks good. I find inspiration in my closet through myself. My closet is a reflection of a time in my life that I wore certain outfit that brought a memory while wearing it.” NYC 

“When I can’t figure out what to wear, I usually pick one staple piece and work around that, like a sweet pair of boots or something. I get inspiration from my closet with anything leopard print or pink…And I find excitement in my casual day by adding a bow.” TO 

 ” When I don’t know what to wear I stop trying to pull out a new outfit and instead, I just wear an already made outfit that I have already worn… one that I know that works well! And I try to mix new pieces together so the outfits are not always the same and for work (school in my case) I just wear comfortable things  but fashionable” MTL 

“I try to use whatever is in my mind as inspiration, whether it’s a book I just read, architecture, or a movie (if I can’t figure out what to wear). It doesn’t have to be inspired by fashion per se. As for inspiration in my closet, I try to look with an outsider’s viewpoint. I find when I have friend’s over (or even my boyfriend) they will mix & match pieces I never would of thought of putting together, thus creating a whole new outfit. So I try to look with that eye to be as creative as possible. And lastly, during a casual workday, I dress simple, but I always look for something to make me stand out, usually an accessory, whether a brooch or shoes” PEI 

” when I can’t figure out what to wear I normally take out a few outfits depending on my mood and try them on first and pick the best one .. During the week I pick my close out the night before because I don’t have that much time to do everything in the am… I find excitement in my work attire by adding accessories like cute belts ,jewelry a cute pair of shoes. We don’t have a casual day at work so I wear alot of skirt or pants suits” BOS

” sometimes i cut a whole in it or the sleeves off or something, little improvements make you feel like you’re wearing a whole new outfit when its really just an old t-shirt or accessorize til it takes on a new look. big fan of broaches for that” MTL 

“when i cant figure out what to wear i go with what i know and hope that important sees me in a repeat outfit., Inspiration within my closet is always inspired because i picked all of that shit out. I find excitement in my work day attire by making sure its an outfit someone will hit on me either on the street or subway.” NYC  

” i first get frustrated hahaha, but then i just pull something i haven’t worn in a while and mix it with something recently bought so i don’t feel like I’m repeating. Or i just change the use of certain things i wear, i.e. a super wide circular scarf as a cape or layer a lot of mesh, textures and shapes etc. or i try to personalize a certain style (sea punk, 90s, 80s, rave generation, goth, vamp, suit up, bboy, anything) with what i already have. i go either super androgynous, feminine, or gwen stefani hahaha. i like versatility in that sense.
OR i just go buy a new piece and I’m set for a bit. it really depends of when i get my pay check and the occasion. for work i have to be all in black so its pretty easy to add something different, accessories, hairstyle, shoes, etc. just push the limits of casualness.sometimes i just make really random accessories like a mother board or polly pocket necklace, dye/cut my hair and it pretty much makes the outfit.” MTL

” When nothing obviously pops into play as soon as the wardrobe is seen, I tend to just go with my overall mood. Classic “me” pieces come out and I’ll blend it with an unexpected accessory. Same applies for work time, since my workplace allows me to be creative, I always maintain an overall feeling of “optimism” and freedom in what I wear all the time” MTL 

 “I take whatever that is the closest of my hands” MTL 

 “I find excitement with bright lipstick!if the outfit is boring, even a basic white tee and skinnies and loafers, hot pink lipstick makes the outfit!” NYC

” When I don’t know what to wear I usually put on some music or a favorite song and just start to play around with what’s in my closet. I also have a few “go-to” outfits that I’ve worn before that don’t really require me to think if I’m in a hurry or can’t dress myself.
Typically I tend start with one article of clothing and work around that, say a button up or something and just layer on over top and find what works. I love to layer so I find mixing textures or patterns to be really inspiring.I like organizing my closet by color,texture,type etc. too. Sometimes I look at a piece of clothing in my closet and get inspired by the color or cut.
As for work casual day wear, I go with what’s comfortable but still something that looks good. I get obsessed with certain clothes and wear them more often but mix with different things.Right now though…I hate everything in my closet haha…Usually happens to me when the seasons change. But I find if you just push through it and not fall into a “rut” of not trying that it is a lot harder to get dressed in the morning” MTL 

“Ive reduced my options to slouchy white tees, slouchy black tees, and slouchy grey tees. Also, I check the weather then street style blogs. There’s always something that’s bound to inspire an outfit.” TO 

” when I don’t know what to wear I usually try on a bunch of stuff or ask my roommates if they like what I’m wearing lol. Like before a date I need people to tell me that I look good ahahaI find inspiration in my own closet by combining things that I have never combined together before. I Also like to add little things to my outfit that change everything, accessory wise. I also need to be wearing some form of color. You will NEVER find me wearing only black I can’t stand me being colorless” MTL

” I normally flip through my latest mag really quickly and that helps.But since I work from home, I don’t have “work-wear” attire- lucky me” MTL 

” I’m a jeans and t shirt kind of girl, all day, everyday. And I’ve always said… if I can’t wear jeans and a t shirt to work, then I’m not taking the job” NYC

Would love to find out more, send me your thoughts!

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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