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24Hour Sex to Fairy Tale Hex

and The 24Hour XXX Mystery Cabaret

     Times are here, times are queer. Rolling around to deliver samosas and a warm smile, despite the day i had, to Cafe Cleo’s I end up rolled into “Sperm Bank 1”, a door to door collector of anything white and sticky. Not in the mood but juiced with port and surrounded by the sexy joyous faces of Glam Gam and Co, i somewhat agree to the part. Passed a few beers, white stripes the anthem to the falling snow outside, sitting here practicing lines straight out of 8th grade nostalgia. I feel like Elizabeth Wertzel in her first few days of Prozac.


    Mixed emotions plague the venue with set builders uneasy of supplies, stylists forcing creativity sparking genius amidst “crusty underwear” and ‘boxed faces’. Rushing lines behind hours, rum & cokes, Miss Vickie’s, and a drive to force the awakening all withing a 24hour period.
     For one with such hatred for the holidays to be surrounded by silver bells, tin men, and a story so familiar that you cant help but wait for the nudity to consume you out of the nightmare that might actually be 12 days of christian perversion. Maybe if the holidays were really like this I would actually go home for it.
     With names like Tiny Twink, Mr. Splooge, and Jizzabel, a drag queen narrating with a three piece band, a missing dame, the sweet sounds of the next set of the stripper joint downstairs, a homage to the true foundation of Montreal and the realistic underground businesses at the heart of such an artistic city. A jungle of the brightest craftsman juggling a Friday night specifically for a craft and no profit except that hopefully for Heads & Hands. What better lump than that in your pants or lack there of.


     Frigid and weak I leave the crew behind to catch up on my ANTM and feverishly practicing my 6 full lines with  snow cumming down patched like cloths distracting from my dismal and anxiously excited mood.


My fears through beers were hesitantly moved donned in an outfit made for Oliver Twists the Hustler Edition and hand in hand job with our Donor box I came, he came, and 24 hours of creative power ended in pure holiday bliss. What an exploratory time between breaking gender barriers and redefining whats sexy this “grotesque burlesque” troupe really fucked my mind with inate grandiosity, genius comedic timing, and the acting and musical talent to fill stadiums.


    All Photos by C.Skyler Boushel otherwise labeled


This weekend I join the cast again as they explore the dark side and back side of fairy tales in the Little Beau Peep Show!! For one last night, TONIGHT SUNDAY March 25th, you can catch me in serious teen wolf realness as I devour my love or his heart until the clock strikes Midnight!
Join my journey as I once again pop one in on the Glam Gam Stage for the last and best night at Cafe Cleopatra!!!!

Cafe Cleopatra
1230 Ste. Laurent

Glam Gam Productions

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