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Cabin Fever, Age Ole Beaver.

Hollowed out amidst a log,
Face painted with soot.
He rocks back gently asleep,

A long journey to foot.

 Last season the caravan kids hit the sands, this Fall/Winter season they’re backpacking up north.
Christian Deslauriers, also known as Christian L`Enfant Roi, reminded us of how vast Canada can be and how much wildlife exists to our northern borders.
Taking influence from indigenous roots, and teaming up with Montreal photographer Mathieu Fortin and Berlin artists Alexandra Sebag to create prints straight off the barks of trees creating a fantastical journey mirroring the blizzard we all trouped through Friday night.
     The space was cool and intimate with barefooted boys marking the center of the room a live installation of quirky hair pieces and century old taxidermy by Alex Hercule (Hercules Taxidermy Imports), minimal in the Eastern Bloc theater room.
Models posed amidst bright blinding light as if a sun flare bouncing off a sheet of ice, natural in existence as we enjoyed a personal storybook lined with boris beers and wine.
It is a winters wonderfulland filled with wind, ice, and laced with snow.
Cabin Fever trapping us like a fox sacrificed for the native agenda.
It is a world to escape, content in ones own solitude, injected with natures palette coveted into art works of wool, cashmere, cotton, and silk.
     Each design completely L`Enfant Roi with my favorite pieces always being the one pieced garments, the birch print, and the use of braided hair as if a right of passage from child to man.
Another brilliant showing from the french-Canadian designer proving that the best shows are always outside of Montreal Fashion Week when the designer can create magic tunnel vision and reflect the artistry that is the brand and my favorite local designer, Christian LÈnfant Roi.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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