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MEWS: the Pre-Launch

Graphic Design: Angela Cleary
     The Royal Phoenix bar opens at five with a few locals settling in to have a happy hour brew and poutine combo. I arrived pulling threw snow but fruitfully grabbed a cab up north, an easy route up St. Laurent, yet to my loss traffic stood up and fevered the seats.
To an unknown surprise I could see I was early, a new thing for me, maybe its 2012, maybe I just cant tell time, either way I’m chucking along ten pieces of framed art with the DJ at my rear siked for such an eclectic gig and probably regretting riding up with me and all of my bags.
    Marked sections off ,the bar floor my muse for the night ahead, for manifesting a collection of emotionally raw drawings and paintings by local Montreal artist and stylist Tristan Harris who also happened to be in one of the video projections a collaboration with underground photography lord Savon, creating an entry for the guests to walk into an atmosphere unusual for the hot Montreal party place, now a vehicle for all of your and my creativity, transforming the grounds into an instant vernissage, fashion show bulleted with indie dance tracks by Brazil native transplant to Montreal DJ Zarfan who you all have seen in the last Closet Raid..
    Drinks were cheap with beautiful bartenders on tap, a low key vibe with edge and enough zest that anyone can relate to the night regardless of interest in fashion, art, and just want an innovative experience to kick off their night or end the work day.
    Masabni floored first with two different styles set of looks from cocktail dresses anyone would shine in to edgier pieces with attention more to details playing with lace, ribbon, latex, sequins topped off with the styling of Tristan Harris.
Make up was clean and washed out with a boosted lip by Liana Worshell, Aurore De Cristini, and Remi Alwan.
Hair braided, teases, youthful and fun by Stephanie Choquette and Elyse Brouillette(salon voltige).
    With a few minutes for a cigarette, your next beer or cocktail, or whatever goes on behind your own doors before a fashion video stimulation by Sasha Brunelle, a brilliant effort of style, music, and vulnerability.
Our Two Designers Jennifer and Rossi
     The models scurried back to sophisticated cool with an urban tribal feel for Sugaristick with styling and jewelery by Miss Cochette.
Make up was a grungier dark eye with huge rocked out locks.
A huge success for me as a vision of a chill vibe evening by DYDH Productions before finishing the after partying at POMPE.
NEXT UP: DYDH Productions is bringing you to After Fashion: The Madhouse:a Post-Semaine de Mode Party and a chilling departure from the bar confines of Mews to the comfort of your own loft asylum hosted by Dina Habib and I, Danik Yopp.
A night of dancing, vogueing, after fashion week looks, and pure debauchery!
Next MEWS will be on Feb 16th the following week with designs by Pedram Karimi and styles by Citizen Vintage co-styled by moi, Danik!
Art will take a new medium with natural elemented visual art by Claudia Parent and LIVE fashion illustrations by Judyna Pres, so dress to impress the artist!
Thank you to Zhou Zhou photo for all of the photos from the evening!
DH getting models ready
Our styliste and Visual Artist Tristan as Dimitri
Gettin` Glam by Liana Worshell
Impromptu Models and Saviors
Jennifer with Montreal Fashion Blog

Style Video by Tristan and Savon
Glam Gam Support Team
Mews is Love
Mews Graphic Designer and Model
Nudabite on the Scene
DJ Tizi feelin`the beats
DJ Zarfan firin up the locks

Die Young. Die Happy. 🙂

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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