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Thee Art of Paint, Thee Art of Hair: A Joseph Bangsund Vernissage

It felt majestic, like a real kick off into the holiday’s.
We don’t need Black Friday shopping plagues, falling temperatures, or saddened gloom to let us know when to feel the spirit and what better way than to check out the vernissage of my good friend Joey.
We arrived actually on time fighting the blistering cold, putting out clove cigarettes for a photo op on the corner steps.
 I, of course, in a festive kilt, Dior cardigan, and fishnets.

Stepping into Mod’s Salon you’re immediately invited by beautiful simplicity of the silver and white.
 Big open windows leading onto the corner as onlookers envy those getting their hair done by such good looking, excited staff members.
Coat check lead straight to the wine and the wine led straight to the art and thus the night could begin.
The artists, Joseph Bangsund, greeting us in black bow tie excited and extremely zen about the night.
 His painting the perfect backdrop to the mood and styling of the salon that he also works at during the day.
The pieces displayed a perfect balance of  haunting, serenity, mystery, and color with influences from his time creating in Mexico, Western Canada, and Montreal.
There were so many pieces that I wanted for my own place, so if anyone would like to get me a Christmas or Hanukkah gift and you can check them all out until February 28th!
And all thought most of the hors d’oeuvres were not so vegan friendly, the continual flow of wine, the company, and learning that my surroundings, equipped with heavens full length mirror, is not only what it appears to be.
Little did I know, when I literally stumbled down the stairs to the basement, the salon gave way to a futuristic relaxation chamber with a whole new front desk and array of staff.
I swear i had too much to drink and was in Santa’s workshop in LA.
 See not only does the salon offer to do hair but also offers Lipomassage for all of your lower insecurities and an Endermolift for all your anti aging needs of the facial regions.
So, one can potentially get their hair colored, cut, and styled, your body retouched, and come out looking ten years younger all in the same place?
I guess that would explain the Westmount address.
Joseph Bangsgund
Mod’s Hair
     4201 Sainte-Catherine West,
 Westmount, QC

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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