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Save Cash for Ink Not Mink.

One of Holts disturbing Pro Fur Holiday Ads
     Was randomly viewing Holt Renfrew’s Muse Blog and their ‘Feel texture’ ads for the holiday season which almost got me excited for all of the different playful textures and textiles we can utilize when the snowflakes fall.
Sequins, (P)leather, feathers, lace, metallics etc plague our winter wardrobes but what is still troublesome is the blinders we have when marketing fur. In this economy it’s true that the world parties harder and spends on luxurious items to hide from the accumulating debt cycle and dwindling bank accounts.
We can take away something more meaningful than their skins this season with a focus deterred from material wealth and high income expectations especially since they actually need the fur to keep warm whilst humanity has natural textiles and alternative to buying brand new real furs. Furs are loaded with chemicals to keep them from decomposing in the buyer’s closet, and fur production pollutes the environment and gobbles up precious resources. Producing a fur coat from ranch-raised animals takes more than 15 times as much energy as does producing a faux-fur coat.

     So why is Canada so obsessed with $600 Goose jackets, when synthetic alternatives for a quarter of the money stock shelves, we are not the Inuit nor native, we do not feel a spiritual bond with an animal we carry on our hood, and we are so separated from all of the dirty work and the actual weather patterns that would incline us to hide under hides. Faux fur is an environmentally favorable alternative as well as creating a luxe look for the few shekels you can spare for the sake of warmth and/or fashion.

 Each year, millions of individual animals, including more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs, are killed for their fur in China
This holiday season; 

spare a seal,

save a fox,
shuck the mink,
adopt not murder a dog,
opt out of bird,
favor the cow,
and make this the most glamorous, environmentally sound, affordable holiday to date with some of the cute finds below!
Alice + Olivia Faux Fur at Holts
Faux Fur Vests from H&M
Jacob Faux Mink Coat
TOPSHOP Tweed Faux Fur from The Bay

The Reality of the Fur Trade

One thought on “Save Cash for Ink Not Mink.

  1. I so agree, fake fur is not only cruel-free but fun to wear. I never understood how people see wearing a dead animal as luxurious,very disturbing. What's worse, is when I go to NYC, it's sickens me how many people wear fur,many in the 20's age group, and it's not as cold as here in Canada. Obviously they wear it for "status" once again I dont understand how a dead animal can equate that.Hope this will change some day, great post but can't watch video.

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