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Model Moment: Model Movement

     Woman’s high fashion modeling remains pretty consistent in maintaining the weight expectations of their model with sprinkles of Plus Size and Petite models showing face every several years. With woman its all bout changing the hair, race, age. What does seem to change is the men fighting between skinny/wafe/androgyny and underwear/swimsuit/gym fit Adonis.
But can this become something bigger, can these changes possibly project a real social change?
Recent years has seen an influx in an appreciation of nontraditionalism atleast in the arts world. Catwalks and campaigns have become in love with the realism of today’s youth culture and help influence the minds and views of the world even if the world doesn’t know it.
Whether it be the unclassic beauty of  fur-less Charlotte Free’s signature locks, the prince of dark charming Rico the Zombie boy, the feminine rebellion of Andrej Pejic, the direct action of Pakastani Model Veena Malik or as simple as Jean Paul Gaultier using all unconventional models during his runway here in Montreal over the summer.
Yes, we see edgy models come and go all of the time but never in such a crucial time for our society.  A generation has passed and a new majority has seen the injustices and ignorance our grandparents era has caused and are ready to fight back for the world we deserve.
     Occupy movements in most major cities, the Arab spring, the LGBT community demanding equal rights, immigration policies causing stirs, and a fast growing mistrust in hypocritical world politics. Okay you may think this isn’t Zoolander and a supermodel isn’t hired to save the world against ‘terorrists’ but they have more power on social change than you may think.
Andrej Pejic stole headlines last year posing for Dossier Journal in reminiscent white wigged curls, removing his white button up. Americans fumed and wanted the magazine covered up in poly bags, you know the ones they put on porn rags. Even though we see everyday shirtless men on covers, in ads, on billboards and even woman in more provocative get ups but the beauty of his famous gender-bending look made Americans uncomfortable. One man helping to change gender and beauty stereotypes and becoming the worlds top androg model!
    We can’t take all the females out of the female movement. Charlotte free is making her own name in history creating her own version of stunning beauty with unnatural bright pink locks usually made famous by other strong kick ass figures ie Gwen Stefani, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Jefree Star. This seemingly cliche way to not conform can have lasting effect seeping into the minds of everyday Joe and Joann until it become so normal that good paying jobs don’t have to be pass over well versed, well educated, perfect candidates due to their lack of conformity to what society says is appropriate ‘work’ attire ie; tattoos, hair color, piercings, body modifications. Maybe I am digging to deep into this or maybe I am right or maybe they will lose fame and fortune and we’ll see them on, “Super Models: Where are they now?”. It was the 1980s where funky colored hair, loud images, gender bending, cross dressing  transgendered artists, and alternative culure was so mainstream that the world was forced to bore us to death in the 1990s.


2 thoughts on “Model Moment: Model Movement

  1. This is a wonderful post. I have the same idea with you about"It was the 1980s where funky colored hair, loud images, gender bending, cross dressing transgendered artists, and alternative culture was so mainstream that the world was forced to bore us to death in the 1990s."The 1990s was DRAB HELL 😛

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