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Caught Up In Yourself: a tribute to the ‘onesie’

For weeks I have been a sleeping beauty yet the fairy tale never existed. In a blanket of fatigued creativity and drive to blog. Maybe the perpetual day to day flight from coffee to coffee, in and out of bar doors, and dreamy sleepless nights.
Or maybe its the traditional family oriented hellidays on the rise getting me down, a horizon of burning Polaroids.
A table of lies, spies, and not enough guys, an encounter of storybooks past sitting by the fire in your footed pajamas, usually matched up if you had any siblings.
Luckily for those of us still hanging on to our past years or just reminiscing about new shapes to add to our fall,winter, and spring wardrobes the footed PJ has made its way back for all of us now grown up…sorta.
The “Onesie” as deplored by the child fashion mavens of the world is recreated and back sneaking its way season to season to an immense explosion the past few on runways, red carpets, discoheads, on the streets, and indie darlings in the shapes of catsuits, jumpers, rompers, leotards, coveralls, and pieces straight out of Micheal Myers’ closet.
 But as we all know from the photos of our parents days it wasn’t necessarily always the most hip nor is it for everyone yet glimmer with hope bouncing around web images of Studio 54.
Before the development of TV there was not much known about the history of one piece wearing folks but I think its described in 1803 in Patrick O’Brians “Post Captain”:

Have you ever seen anything so deeply rational?
 See, I can withdrawal head entirely: 
the same applies to the feet and hands. 
Warm, yet unencumbered; light; and above all healthy- no constriction anywhere!

I cant agree more!
Fast forward 200 years later and a fashion revival has taken the onesie or ‘all-in-one jumpsuit’, as local as S/S 2012 collections in Montreal; Travis Taddeo‘s noir, Christian L’Enfant Roi‘s Eastern indie vibe and exploding globally with neutrality at Micheal Kors, he tailoring at Chanel, glitz at Balmain, Stripes at Jack Wills, the flowing femininity YSL,  masculinity at Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci, the eclecticism at Jan Iu Mes or we can all fall asleep in our own ultra cozy PJ revivals.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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