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Body Language: Body of Horror

The horror began early this year with the latest installment of Body Language: Body of Horror with cult defying sounds by Wilcox & Promise and Victor Bongiovanni.
Though not many thought of getting their disguises out so early, body rising hosts SASS and Tristan Harris set the seance for a hell of a night!
Liana Worshell-Makeup Artist
Make up by: Liana Worshell

For photos of what satanity went on Samhain weekend at the Phoenix Fright Club; with Roux Soundsystem hosted by This very blog, Antonio Bavaro, and Hot Sauce, Check out the Royal Phoenix Website Here!
Thank you Royal Phoenix for the wonderful opportunity to Kill the Night!

One thought on “Body Language: Body of Horror

  1. That's was an awesome night! You captured some of the best costumes in those photos. Montreal's Phoenix Fright Club rocked Halloween hard! I can't wait till next year's event. I was trying to capture some of the street style outside the event on my own street style site.

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