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Leg Work: the RELAUNCH with G’Nee and Her Kings

We had woodstock, and disco. We had the punk movement, club kids and the ravers.
Today we can’t figure out what we are. A steady collective of performance art, fashion, the glitz and glam reactive to a global recession. As a youth we stand strong as the apoc generation, the nu rulers of an increasingly depressive yet changing world.
 We’ve gained momentum from the outcast past to force those elders to flashback, remember, and assimilate to a planet soon no longer to be theirs.
The past few weeks as Co-Host of Leg Work Tuesdays I can feel this change like the natural displacement of corrupt weather patterns the nu-christians blame on our debaucherous ways.
A celebration of life even when you feel a zombie in your own day to day.
Another day of the week we can claim to configure to whatever we want, to be whoever we want to be, to wear whatever we want to wear ( not including jogging pants or  our laziest contusion).
Thank you all who came out to support our official relaunch this past Tuesday and especially to Dina Habib my co host, The Salivation Army, Leon Zane, Wilcox & Promise, our sexalicious Bartenders, Josh, my man Tristan for helping out with pics along with SASS for passing the torch, and Lady Nuda for videos, Angela for the posters, and G’Nee and Her Kings for fucking rocking out this past Tuesday night!
If you missed out on their magical performance please check them out on youtube, buy their EP on iTunes, this is an act of momentous proportion that you do not want to miss live.
Speaking of live heres Dina and I’s interview with Nudabite.com:
Next Week Leg Work: The Glass Closet !
We will celebrate National Coming Out Day at Blue Dog Motel Tuesday Night with Nu Legwork Djette the queen of bootyshakin The Salivation Army and Our resident hunk you all know Leon Zane!
and of course Danik and Dina ready to make your legs ache and more!
Where your ‘gayest’ get-up,
and no matter if you are gay, straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans, poly, pan, queer, etc be proud of who you are, and be proud to support full equality, and fight off hatred!
Disclaimer: I in no shape or form support the wearing, selling, manufacturing, etc of REAL fur. Normally, I would not promote it in anyway on Montreal Street Fashion blog. However, Leg Work Tuesdays is an all inclusive environment free from hatred or stigma.
Cheers and Love,

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