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Queers Pump This/Leacock Mag. Launch

Rough Diamond Collective, Montreal’s premier queer rap triumvirate, joins forces with Royal Phoenix to bring you the best hip-hop night in the city.
 QUEERS PUMP THIS will blast open Montreal’s void of stagnant hip hop nights, featuring not only chart-topping rap but also regional dance styles like bounce, juke, jerk, and hyphy.
QUEERS PUMP THIS isn’t just a night of hip hop for queers, it’s a night of hip hop BY queers–we’re digging into our collection of hella gay rap to play dirty dance cuts by rappers like OMG Michelle, Le1f, Miz Korona, and Katey Redd.”
The evening started off with a Twerk Shop and a Dance Contest moving on to the sounds of
Odd Faggot Wolf Gays Kunt Them All, Diggy Smalls, and the queen of booty, The Salivation Army
Enjoy Photos of the Night and the subsequent after party at The Torn Curtain for the Leacock’s Magazine Launch Party by Tristan Harris and I.
Salivation Army and the Groupies

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