Anastasia Lomonova / Fashionista514 / jetset confidential / Montreal fashion week 21 / Montreal in Fashion / naomi larocque / paule t.b. / Sebastien Roy / semaine de mode 21 / SMM street style / smm21

SMM21 Street Style II

Jess of Nudabite with Candice of Montreal In Fashion

Paule T.B. the illustration goddess of SMM21

Loved this hitchcockian crow print!!

Kristina of K Rock Nation

Nudabite interviewing Anastasia Lomonova

Designer Celiaczerlinski

Fashion Chatter

Spencer of proprpostur with Naomi official bloggess of SMM21

Gabrielle Lacasse of Dentelle&Fleurs with Farinotti Deborah Salome-Journalist
Robyn looking flawless of Fashionista514 and Official Ustream interviewer for Smm21

Official Photographer Sebastien Roy

Mehdo- Model

We found friends scouting by


Model for Marie Sophie Dion


Amy lee Corkam- Photographer, MontrealInFashion

Kelly- Journalist/photographer

Alessandro of JetSet Confidential

Nuda and her bite

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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