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SMM21: Streetstyles I

Elodie of Soul Sisters, with Steffi- PR/CD of Models Intl Mngt
Shorts & Sheer
black, hem lengths,skin, layers, fuck me pumps
Fashionistos Yibram(left), Abraham(right), Pol- Next Model/ Blogger(center)

Playful Patterns
Color, Prints, Statements
Stèv Yaël Julien Romani-Soccoro – Fashion Editor and Blogger
Mah Boys Toshiro & Kim always on point
Jordan A -Editor of 2bMag in T-shit by Catherine Guérin

Phaux Peasantry 
Nuetrals, Shoes, Mellow, Faux

Nu Gentleman
bowtie and leather
Nicolas- Journaliste, Je Suis L’aristocrate
Understated Rock Stars
Attitude, Pins, Bottes
Jess of Nudabite and Kristina of K Rock Nation

Ustreaming Bloggers Robyn of Fashionista514,  Gaelle L and Patrick of L’aristocrate

Tag requests: danjnm@gmail.com

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