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Smm21: Dimitri Chris SS12

Run away, turn away.
 The dock party ended off the second night of Semaine De Mode Montréal 21 with a simplistic American style making waves on the main stage at Dimitri Chris.
 Maybe I am bias and tend to gear away from the yankee prep style I grew up with and with Jesus sandals to boot(birks) i wasn’t the biggest fan and other critics agreed with Jordan Areseneault Editor of 2bmag stating:
  We could have done without the Birkenstock-esque footwear, but it was clear that Dimitri Chris was trying to tone down the preppy element and go for a more relaxed American-style look. The blazers and shorts were roomy and well-made, and the tanks-tops will definitely become a must-have for next summer

Or maybe it was last Spring Summer collection fulfilled with style italiano equipped with my favorite summer 2011 accessory the leg garter that threw me off.
Overall a chic, comfortable safe collection with the prints bringing an energetic draw and models that kept the cool vibe moving.

Jordan Arseneault
Special Thanks for 2bMag for using my photos in their review!

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