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Pride That: The Gays

 The only ¨traditional¨ Montreal Fierte Pride festivity I look forward to each year is the parade and the never ending dance party that occurs there after.
Maybe its the publicly accepted copious amounts of day drinking.
Maybe its that sweet sound of stilettos against the pavement like a herd of royal guards in drag.
Or maybe its the commingling of gays, lesbians, and trans alike.
As I see it, the village seems to oust the lesbian community especially marking the territory as a haven for mainly gay men.
This year I was happy to see so many children and families of same sex and not same sex couples so so-called ‘family saving’ organizations and MPs can suck it. However this year had the worse parade showing of the past five years. It seemed like a severe lack of funding but the spirit rang true and bright. 
What happened to the huge gay Israel float,anyone?
Usually I take a million useless photos of every single group at the event, and every stage performer that you will get to see on youtube after, all to support a corporate agenda run to heteroize and mainstream gay culture as the new ‘it’ thing. Which to them means the new money maker.
So, instead of getting shots of all the forty five year old white male directed sexualization of the beefcake six pack and greased bodies, not that there is anything wrong with that, I wanted to take some shots of a lot of alcohol and the real festival goers style.
I will say the lesbians may have taken the style award this year after discussion over wine and whiskey and stood out against the sea of shirtless testosterone.
Parc Emilie-Gemelin was packed to the rim with sweaty party goers and tourists ready to dance or fall in love or lust even if it ends up raining on their parade. 
Though I’m pretty sure I rained on the metros parade journeying with not much but a harness on.

mon look before the hot messity endured

Check out Edith-Anne Murray in this months Fugues!
Mister VP of Pride from the Gaily, Ty and I

❤ Tracey Trash

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