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Pride/This: Lesbian Edition

Fierte Pride kicked off for me last friday  night and nowhere near the village.
The Royal Phoenix hosted ★Pride This★, a homo party mainly for the girls.
The first time I’ve seen a line up at the door and have been pummeled with beer :-),
a severe lack of style (les-b-honest), and a huge welcoming dirty dance party
with indestructible tunes by DJ Carolina De Castro and DJ Tizi

A big thanks to Val Desjardins, Cynthia Santamaria, and Dina Habib and everyone else involved for an amazing evening!
Enjoy the best shots of the evening!

4 thoughts on “Pride/This: Lesbian Edition

  1. I think he meant having beer spilled on him "is a severe lack of style" but the crowd was definitly fun and worth looking at (The Royal Phoenix crowd is freaking hot regardless of gender affiliations and preferences seriously)! A little beer being spilled on his most likely awesome outfit didn't stopped him having a great time anyways…

  2. I don't get it either, what gives? You do a feature on lesbos, include tons of pictures of hot girls, but start the whole thing out by dissing their style? I really hope I misunderstood, because the ugly lesbian joke stopped being funny or even pertinent 20 years ago.

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