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If Looks Can Kill…They Will!

The Glam Gam is back in full swinger! 
But something has taken over the Glamily (not to be mistaken for Mariah Carey’s). 
”Ever since the polyamorous triad Sarah, Michael and Julie invited the other members over for a reunion dinner party cabaret, tensions have been rising on the set…. and so has the body count!”
Join the crew for an tantalizing evening of murderous burlesque for THREE nights at Café Cléopâtre, August 19-21!
And we, as the intended audience, are instrumental in helping Sherlock Homo and his sidekick solve the mystery, or do it for the slutty prizes to be won!
After party hosted and spun by DJ Shocked N’ Whorified!


Hit up to view their weekly released characters/possible murderers/hit list and don’t shy away from showing up to more than one night because each night has a different killer! Muhaha!

Admission: $15 / $13 with a non-perishable food donation for Head & Hands

Doors 8:30 Showtime 9:30

Be there if you dare!


Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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